Monsanto will decide who eats!

by Helen Lobato

Monsanto, the dominant seed company has plans to rule the whole world. And with the might of the US Government behind them, there is a fat chance they will succeed.

Victoria has become the first state in Australia to agree to grow genetically engineered canola after its ban on GE crops ended on the 29th February 2008. Our food security and that of the whole world is under threat.

As we continue to concentrate on whether GE foods are bad for our health and the environment, we are losing sight of the real agenda. In the mid 1970's there were around 7,000 seed companies and not one of them had even 0.5% of the world market. Now, 10 corporations control 49% of the world seed market, and all of them are investing heavily in GE technology. These companies include the U.S.-based Monsanto, DuPont and Dow Agroscience, and the European corporations Syngenta and Bayer Cropscience.

The commercialisation of GE seeds began in the 1990ís and saw Monsanto and other companies such as Du Pont and Dow Chemicals extend their trade from herbicides like Roundup to the patenting of GE corn, rice, soybeans and wheat. Since 1983, the United States Department of Agriculture along with Delta & Pine Land have been working on Terminator Technology where plants are genetically engineered to produce sterile seeds at harvest. The seeds cannot be used to grow food thus destroying the livelihoods and cultures of the 1.4 billion people who depend on farm-saved seed.

The latest in the line of terminator seeds are Zombie Seeds where the seeds have been genetically engineered to remain sterile until treated with agribusiness chemicals. Such technologies create dependency in farmers on the GE companies forcing regular purchase of seeds and chemicals and most sinisterly giving Monsanto control over the food supply of any nation that widely accepts the use of itís GE products. In 2006 Monsanto the world's largest seed enterprise purchased Delta & Pine clearly revealing the links between the United States government and the dominant world seed supplier.

The gene revolution is all about giving ultimate control of our food supply to agribusiness corporations such as Monsanto. In 1970, former U.S secretary of State, Henry Kissinger said:

Control the oil and you control the nations, control the food and you control the people.

Once Australian farmers become dependent on GE seed our food security will be in doubt. A likely future scenario is one where food may be used as a weapon to force an unpopular foreign policy on the nation.

Gene technology is not about feeding the hungry or alleviating the effects of drought. Nor is it about using fewer chemicals!

This is an issue about food security and should be discussed as such.