Keep Australia GM Free

Anti GM protesters outside Victorian Parliament House 28/02/08

Information Forum on Genetic Modification

Held on 21st June


 Margaret Fulton OA

Australian Cookery Writer and one of Australia’s National Living Treasures.

 Judy Carmen

Epidemiologist and biochemist, affiliate senior lecturer at The University of Adelaide and national expert on GM Foods and health and Director of the Institute of Health And Environmental Research

 Scott Kinnear

Biological Farmers of Australia Co-Op Limited

 Julie Newman

Network of Concerned Farmers

 Bob Phelps

Geneethics Network

Clive Blazey

Diggers Seed Club

Don Lazzaro

Pure Harvest – Manufacturers & suppliers of organic and Natural foods

 Dr.Maarten Stapper

Scientist, previously employed by CSIRO as a principal Research scientist, now consultant

Samantha Meadmore

Director, The Pancake Parlour