Do you really want to take an Hiv/Aids test?

My cousin Ronald died in the early 1990’s. His cause of death was said to HIV/AIDS. Presumably Ronald had been diagnosed as HIV positive with an HIV/AIDS test.

But what does the HIV/AIDS test mean?

Mainstream belief has it that an HIV/AIDS test means that you are positive to a virus called HIV and that you are then at risk of getting AIDS and possibly dying.

Probably the most famous government propaganda broadcast in Australian history was the “Grim Reaper” TV ad of April 1987. The Angel of Death emerged from smoke and gloom as a solemn voice intoned: “At first, only gays and IV drug users were being killed by AIDS, but now we know every one of us could be devastated by it. That's why you should always use a condom, because you can never be sure just how many people you are really going to bed with.” 1

The above paragraph echoed the era of the beginning of the so- called HIV/AIDS epidemic. Lets have a look at some history of The Grim Reaper Days.

Back in 1980, an immunology researcher went searching for patients experiencing immune deficiency diseases. His first case was a young man with a persistant pneumonia called pneumocystis carinii. This particular pneumonia rarely affects people other than those with cancer whose immune systems have been adversely affected by chemotherapy or radiation. His research soon yielded more cases of immune deficiencies. These patients were also afflicted with pneumocystis carinii pneumonia (PCP). The five patients with these immune deficiency diseases were all male and homosexual. 2

Ransom and Day write that Some of the patients they were studying were suffering from rare blood –vessel tumours and skin disfiguring lesions known as Kaposi’s Sarcoma. They were all heavy users of recreational drugs including nitrite inhalants such as ‘poppers’, the volatile liquid used by homosexuals to facilitate anal intercourse and heighten orgasm 3

AIDS, rather than being an infectious disease that is spread amongst the people of the world by sexual intercourse is really a condition or a syndrome which is and was found amongst people who take a large amount of recreational drugs and other drugs such as large amounts of antibiotics. These factors contribute to the immune system breakdown and manifest in the diseases of immune depression.

More on this from Dr. Root-Bernstein and other Aids researchers as reported on the Gary Null Website: Root-Bernstein and fellow researchers say that the immune-suppressive factors most closely linked to Aids in studies of high-risk groups include the following: . Illicit drugs such as heroin acts to suppress the immune system. . The use of Antibiotics and therapeutic drugs, such as AZT and ddI, which are meant to treat Aids prophylactically. However they actually cause a deterioration of the immune system when taken for long periods of time. . A promiscuous, gay lifestyle. Gay men at high risk for Aids commonly use not only abuse drugs, but also have a tremendously high incidence of sexually transmitted and other infectious diseases. Also, they may use antibiotics prophylactically to prevent sexually transmitted diseases, and these antibiotics can prevent the immune system from functioning properly. Then there is the added problem of semen getting into the bloodstream or the immune system – This can result in immune system depression also. . Multiple infections. Multiple infections are quite common among high-risk groups making the work of the immune system harder. . Blood transfusions and such products as Factor 8, taken by haemophiliacs, can cause immune suppression. 4

any researchers have been working away for many years questioning the hypothesis that HIV causes AIDS . In1993 a group of Australian researchers led by Dr. Eleni Papadopoulos-Eleopulos questioned the accuracy of HIV-antibody tests and also the very relationship between HIV and Aids. The Perth Group has argued: 1. The existence of a unique, exogenously acquired retrovirus, HIV has not been proven. 2. HIV antibody tests fail to be proof of HIV infection. 5

But as we know millions of people around the world have been tested for HIV/AIDS and found positive with disastrous results.

I remember my mother telling me that Ron had told her and my father that he had AIDS. Ron used to visit my parents regularly and on one of these occasions he spilled the beans. This was the late 1980’s. The time is important because it explains why and how he was diagnosed with this death sentence.

Ron’s partner had been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. Therefore as per popular dogma partners were and are also tested for HIV/AIDS. Ron was then told he was HIV positive.

But what is this test?

The common understanding is that an HIV/Aids test determines if you are HIV positive and therefore at risk of becoming sick with AIDS. BUT When you have this test performed all it means is that a foreign protein or antigen is introduced into your sample of blood which is then observed for specific activity as the antigen or foreign protein comes into contact with the antibodies from your own immune system. And as Steve ransom and Phillip Day point out in “ World Without Aids,” There will be a response from one’s immune system when a foreign protein is introduced because our immune system has developed this way and must respond to invasion from germs by releasing antibodies.6

Ransom and Day add that science has known for many years that an antibody isn’t specific to one disease. Christine Maggiore author of ‘What if everything you thought you knew about Aids was wrong” 7 Writes that The tests are non-specific to HIV antibodies and that a simple illness like a cold can result in a positive HIV test. In fact there are nearly 70 commonly occurring conditions such as yeast infections, colds, flus, arthritis, hepatitis, herpes, recent inoculations, drug use and pregnancy that are known to make the tests come up positive to this non-specific test.

Neither you nor I have to be a drug user, a homosexual, a black South African, a prostitute or any other disadvantaged person to become diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. Anyone who tests positive to this non- specific blood test can be given a positive diagnosis. A woman who is pregnant can test positive to this HIV/AIDS test and simply having a cold, the flu or TB or as we have already discussed almost 70 commonly occurring infections can turn this test into a positive result.

SO WHAT? What does this diagnosis actually mean or what has it come to mean? What results from having a positive test? When you have an HIV/AIDS blood test and the result comes back as positive then to state the obvious the person’s life changes dramatically. One of the ways your life changes is that treatment will be recommended for you. Back in the early days of HIV/AIDS the drug that was used was AZT Or Azidothymidine

Researcher Christine Maggiore describes AZT It was not created for the treatment of AIDS and is not an anti-viral drug. AZT is a chemical compound that was developed and abandoned over 30 years ago as a chemotherapy treatment for cancer. Many cancer patients did not survive chemotherapy due to its destructive effects on the immune system. 8

How could such a drug be prescribed for AIDS? Dr Stefan Lanka describes AZT and other anti-retrovirals as drugs which kill the body’s cells and in particular the cells that divide more rapidly such as intestinal cells and bone marrow cells. 9 AZT causes symptoms of AIDS These being diarrhoea, loss of weight and immune system disorder. Ransom and Day write that the drug AZT has a skull and crossbones on its label And point out that this is for a very good reason. 10

Treatments continue to be found and used as the so- called epidemic continues: Leo Rebello wrote in the ‘Indian Journal for the Practising doctor’ 11 AIDS is the greatest myth of our times. In spite of voluminous evidence which shows that HIV is not AIDS, the myth is kept deliberately going so that many multi-trillion dollar industries keep prospering: 12 These industries are . Latex industry: The rise of the Condoms. As Rebello has reported Boys and girls as young as 15, who were earlier afraid of having sex, are now experimenting with condoms. We now have a culture of condoms. . Even though HIV testing does not prove infection with HIV the testing is big business. HIV tests cross-react with over 60 known medical conditions and illnesses. . Then there are the medications, the anti-retrovirals, protease inhibitors, cocktails, HAART/multi-drug regimen, vitamin supplements. Rebello reports that the industry is worth trillions of dollars. . Lastly there are 'AIDS promoters' who are promoting the use of lethal chemical drugs, including to pregnant mothers especially in the third world.

My cousin Ronald died because of the HIV/AIDS myth. He was a Gay man who lived in the days of the Grim Reaper. As one young homosexual man after another became tested for HIV/AIDS, one after another became treated with toxic drugs. The drugs and the spectre of death caused the death of these young men. And the myth of HIV/AIDS continues…..



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