Food Fight

Genetic Roulette

The Documented Health Risks of Genetically Engineered Foods by Jeffrey M. Smith

 Listen to debate on GM

Sir Gustav Nossal debates Scott Kinnear of The Biological Farmers Association on Bush Telegraph, Radio National. Also featured is Fran Murrell from Madge and Dr.Judy Carmen.

 Sandor Katz

In his book The Revolution will not be Microwaved author Sandor Katz describes a political climate in which eating well has become an act of civil disobedience. From bread clubs to raw milk movements consumers are voting against commercial food with their taste buds.

Arabella Forge

Raw milk was what our ancestors commonly drank and it is only since the beginning of the 20th century that milk became a pasteurized product. The Raw milk movement seeks to address this and want to be able to legally obtain and drink raw milk.

Arabella Forge from Real milk Australia explains more about this interesting issue.

Adam Fenderson

Biofuels are being promoted as the alternative to our dwindling oil supplies and a solution to rising green house gases. But in reality they create the shocking situation where it is either fuel for cars or food for people!

Adam Fenderson explains.

Sally Fallon

Concerned about nutrition and health? Wondering why health professionals can't agree on what really nourishes us? Confused by contradictory claims about fats and oils, carbohydrates, milk, eggs, meat and soy?

Listen to Sally Fallon on the eve of her tour to Melbourne, May 2007.

Luscious Lane

Glenda Lindsay discusses her cooperative urban garden.

Japanese delegation

A Japanese delegation urges Australia to remain GE free and Madge holds it first GE free picnic.

William Engdahl

author of 'Seeds of Destruction' The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation

Peter Fenwick

Peter Fenwick, Adelaide businessman calls on the Federal Government to honour its pre-election stance on GM crops in Australia

Georgia Miller

Listen to Georgia Miller, nanotechnology project co-ordinator for Friends of the Earth Australia as she discusses Nano foods.

Arabella Forge

Arabella discusses meat eating and traditional diets in the era of climate change.

Letter to Barack Obama

Sally Fallon discusses a Letter to Barack Obama

Fat: an appreciation of a misunderstood ingredient.

Jenifer Mc Lagan the author of Fat: an appreciation of a misunderstood ingredient.

Sue Dengate speaks about food additives

Sue Dengate has a food intolerance website called Fed up with additives

Rosemary Stanton on mandatory fortification of bread with folic acid

Dr Rosemary Stanton is Australia's best-known nutritionist

Robin Taubenfeld from Food Irradiation Watch

Aris Petratos is a local beekeeper who shares his passion